We the Golfing Rotarian fraternity of South Asia comprising India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan who are playing golf has initiated to organise the South Asia Fellowship of Golfing Rotarians (SAFGR) with aim to promote friendship and fellowship on the basic of golf and to support our Rotary Foundation for betterment of downtrodden of the society. This will enhance the Rotary mission, promotion of peace, goodwill and fellowship among the Rotarians.

  • Declaration

    This is to inform that we are the members of South Asia Fellowship for Golfing Rotarians, The registered address of the AOP shall be at 4 A, 1 B "Abhishek" Ratan Nagar, Station Road, Bharuch, Gujarat 392001.

    The AOP has been formed including but not limited for the following purposes.

    • The AOP has been formed not for profit purpose.
    • The members may remain same or join or relive as per their convenience. In the event of the change in members status of AOP shall not be changed.
    • To carry out Golf Tournaments and Fellowship amongst the Members of Rotary Club affiliated with Rotary International in India, South Asia and World, which will create bonding amongst the members in anywhere in India or outside India.
    • Surplus generated out of various activities shall be utilized towards various Charitable activities, donations to similar NGO’s or NPO’s or AOP’s or Section 8/ Section 25 Companies, charitable projects, but shall not be utilized towards any personal/members profit motive.
    • Members may collect voluntary contributions and deposit into the common pool or in bank account opened in any nationalized or private banks.
    • Members/AOP may collect voluntary or corpus contributions from the donor and shall be utilized for the purpose for which it has been collected.
  • Objectives

    • To develop and promote worldwide friendship in a Golfing, relaxing way
    • To serve the community and humanity, through golfing & to support our The Rotary Foundation
    • To promote International Understanding and Peace
  • Main activities

    • To ensure the organization of the annual South Asia Golf Championship of Rotarians
    • Promotion of Golfing Activities to be organized by clubs/districts in various places of South Asia, whenever possible, all within the scope of Rotarian friendship
  • Statutes

    Members - Every Rotarian of South Asia can apply for membership. Entries are made in writing, stating name, address, telephone number, and date of birth, and Rotary club and its address and telephone number and other information in prescribed form (link). Membership requires payment of either an annual or lifetime membership fee.

    Date of South Asia Fellowship for Golfing Rotarians is 28/10/2016.

    Sr No. Name of Member Mobile No. Email Id
    1 Parag Sheth 9998014005 info@ambicasalt.com
    2 Kalpesh Shah 9925027472 Kalpesh9070@yahoo.com
    3 Nishant Ramani 9824011124 nishantramani@basemetal.co.in

    Minutes for the meeting of Rotarian Golfers from various parts of India held on 4th December 2015 at Starz Club Ahmedabad at 7.30 pm.

    Rotarians Present : Rtn Parag Sheth, Rtn Kalpesh Shah, Rtn Nishant Ramani, (Dist 3060)Rtn Madhukar Parikh, Rtn Dwital Parikh, (Dist 3051) Rtn Shiraz Doongaji, Rtn Shashank Vishwarupe, Rtn Dr Vinay Tule, Rtn Yogi Singh (Dist 3030), Rtn Neeraj Sogani , (Dist 3052), Rtn Prabhkar Bothireddy, Rtn Ramchandran, Rtn Vijay Kumar (Dist 3190)

    The Meeting was called to order by DG Rtn Parag Sheth from District 3060. Rtn Parag Sheth welcomed all the Rotarian Golfers present and explained the purpose of the meeting. He floated an idea of forming an association of Rotarian golfers from India and other nearby countries of South Asia. The idea was very well welcomed by all and the discussion was done on the same. It was discussed at a length about the purpose and process of forming the association

    The members present decided as follows:-

    • Name of the Association will be South Asia Fellowship of Golfing Rotarians (SAFGR). To start with it will have its members who will be the Rotarian golfers from various Rotary Districts of South Asia. This will be an Association of persons and bank account to be opened in the same name.
    • India will be divided into 5 zones namely North, East, Central, West & South and each zone will have one leader (Co-Chairman) who will be coordinating with the Rotarian golfers in their respective zones.
    • Every year minimum one tournament will be held at different places. District 3060 hosted the first on 5th December 2015 at Ahmedabad, next will be held on first weekend of December 2016 at Banglore which will be hosted by Dist (3190) and thereafter at Baroda.
    • There will be one-time registration charges of Rs.5000/- which all the members will have to pay.
    • A secretariat will be formed which will comprise of a Secretary & Joint Secretary to start with.
    • The zone wise leaders decided was Central Zone Rtn Yogi Singh from Nagpur (Dist 3030), West Zone Rtn Kalpesh Shah from Baroda (Dist 3060) South Zone Rtn Vijay Kumar from Banglore (Dist 3190). To be decided for North and East.
    • It was proposed that DG Rtn Parag Sheth should lead the Association for a year starting from 1st July 2016 for 3 years.
    • The Association shall also conduct inter-district RFE’s Programme.
    • A Google Group to be formed, Whatsapp group, Facebook page, and website also to be formed
    • Only Rotarians can be members of this association.

    Meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Rtn Dr. Vinay Tule.