Minutes of Executive Board meeting of South Asian Fellowship of Golfing Rotarians (SAFGR)

Held on Saturday 25th March, 2017 at Hotel Holiday Inn, Punchkulla.

Following members attended the meeting.

  • 1) Rtn Parag Sheth, President
  • 2) Rtn Amarjit Singh
  • 3) Rtn Madhukar Parikh Invitees
  • 4) PRID Yash Pal Das
  • 5) Rtn Dr. Karan Singh
  • 6) Rtn Harish Setty

1. President Parag Sheth had briefed about the activity of SAFGR.

2. Rtn Madhukar Parikh & Rtn Amarjeet Singh also informed to members the Activities of their region.

3. President Parag Sheth had put up the draft copy of bye-laws (Memorandum & Articles of Association) to the floor which was already circulated to all Committee Members along with notice of Executive Committee Board meeting.

Following points were taken to discussion and after deliberate discussion and it was unanimously passed.

  • 1) The Head Quarter and Jurisdiction of SAFGR will be Bharuch.
  • 2) Definition of members – Rtn Madhukar has requested to include active members and their spouse of Rotary Clubs affiliated with Rotary International which is unanimously passed.
  • 3) Rtn Madhukar has suggested deleting the clause to lease and/or mortgage the dispose of movable and immovable property, which is unanimously accepted.
  • 4) Members of Executive Committee
    It was discussed to appoint following members of the executive committee.
    • i) South Zone Regional Director
    • ii) North Zone Regional Director
    • iii) West Zone Regional Director
    • iv) East Zone Regional Director
    • v) Central Zone Regional Director
    • vi) Nepal Regional Director
    • vii) Sri Lanka Regional Director
    • viii) Bangladesh Regional Director
    • ix) Pakistan Regional Director
  • 5) Office Bearer

We have received a suggestion from Rtn Vijay to include one more vice President in office Bearer.

After deliberate discussions, it was unanimously decided to appoint following office Bearer.

Counselors to the Board :

  • i. PRID and Trustee Chair Sushil Gupta &
  • ii. PRID Yash Pal Das.

Other office bearers

  • iii. President
  • iv. Vice President
  • v. Vice President
  • vi. Hon. Secretary
  • vii. Hon. Treasurer
  • viii. Joint Hon. Secretary

05. Rtn Parag Sheth had recommended that Rtn Amarjit Singh as one more Vice President & Rtn Karan Singh as Joint Hon. Secretary; which is unanimously passed.

06. Rtn Madhukar had suggested including the following clause to a duty of Hon. Treasurer. - Should comply statutory obligation.

07. The Bank Account of the Association shall be operated jointly by either two of the following three office Bearers.

  • i) President
  • ii) Hon. Secretary
  • iii) Hon. Treasurer

08. Rtn Vijay had recommended defining the guidelines for receipt of donation and there expenditure.

  • i. If the fundraising event is organized by SAFGR; the collection of donation will in account of SAFGR and Executive Committee will decide the expenditure of surplus fund considering the purpose of donation.
  • ii. If any club or district will organize the event, the SAFGR will support the event but will not involve in financial matter.
  • iii. If any club or district will organize the event on banner of SAFGR jointly – surplus donation may distribute to SAFGR and organizing Club or District with prior mutual understanding between two of them.

09. PRID Yash Pal Das had suggested creating & strengthening our Website so we get International Exposure of the fellowship. It was unanimously passed and will request Rtn Kalpesh Shah to take the responsibility creating meaningful website.

10. Rtn Parag Sheth had suggested appointing district wise Coordinator to promote SAFGR.

11. Our next SAFGR Tournament event is to be hosted by District 3011 at New Delhi. Vice President Amarjit will coordinate the tournament and information to the committee.

12. Rtn Madhukar had proposed to support to Indian Amateur Golfers; who are going to attempt world record by playing nine whole golf games at 50 courses in 50 cities in just 30 days.

This may help to strengthen our SAFGR and will get the opportunity to collect the fund for Rotary Foundation and our purpose.

After deliberate discussion, it was unanimously decided that we should support the event considering following points.

  • a) SAFGR may collect the donation but should not responsible for any deficit of the fund.
  • b) It is mammoth job to coordinate the event, therefore we should take appropriate decision to support the event after strengthening our association.
  • c) Rtn Madhukar Parikh is appointed for further study of the project and come back with the final proposal.

13. It is unanimously decided to open a bank account in any Nationalized Bank with signatory of

  • i) Rtn Parag Sheth, President
  • ii) Rtn Kalpesh Shah, Hon. Secretary
  • iii) Rtn Nishant Ramani, Hon. Treasurer

Bank Account should operate by either two of them.

14. Vice President Amarjit Singh had offered vote of thanks to all members present in committee and especially to PRID Yash Pal Das for their guidance.

  • Minutes of 1st AGM of South Asian Fellowship of Golfing Rotarians held on 3rd December 2016 at 2.00 pm at Prestige Golf Shire, Banglore

    • 1. Meeting Call to order by Chairman Parag Sheth
    • 2. Welcome address and brief about the status of SAFGR by Chairman IPDG Rtn Parag Sheth AOP formed, Bank Account under, Zonal Vice Chairman’s appointed as follows:-
      • A. North Zone – Rtn Amarjit Singh
      • B. South Zone – Rtn Vijay Kumar
      • C. East Zone – Rtn Rajesh Sachdeva
      • D. West Zone – Rtn Madhukar Parikh
      • E. Central Zone – Rtn Yogi Singh
    • 3. All the new members were approved of the Association subject to payment of life membership fees.
    • 4. One time Membership Fees proposed @ Rs.5,000 by Rtn Parag Sheth and approved by Rtn Anil Kumar and unanimously approved. Rtn Nishant Ramani, Hon. Treasurer will inform Bank account details shortly to all members.
    • 5. District Team RID 3190 was felicitated for hosting the 2nd SAFGR Tournament and District Team and RID 3011 was felicitated for maximum outstation registration (17) for the tournament by Chairman Rtn Parag Sheth
    • 6. District Team RID 3011 from Delhi has kindly confirmed to host the 3rd SAFGR Tournament organized at Delhi and which is announced by Event Chair, Rtn Amarjeet Singh.
    • 7. Chairman Parag Sheth has recommended organizing Inter-District Golfing friendship exchange programme and the members unanimously accepted the proposal. The 1st exchange will take place between RID 3060 and RID 3011.
    • 8. The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by the Hon Secretary Rtn Kalpesh Shah

Minutes for the meeting of Rotarian Golfers from various parts of India held on 4th December 2015 at Starz Club Ahmedabad at 7.30 pm.

Rotarians Present : Rtn Parag Sheth, Rtn Kalpesh Shah, Rtn Nishant Ramani, ( Dist 3060 )Rtn Madhukar Parikh, Rtn Dwital Parikh, ( Dist 3051) Rtn Shiraz Doongaji, Rtn Shashank Vishwarupe, Rtn Dr Vinay Tule, Rtn Yogi Singh ( Dist 3030 ), Rtn Neeraj Sogani , ( Dist 3052 ), Rtn Prabhkar Bothireddy, Rtn Ramchandran, Rtn Vijay Kumar (Dist 3190)

The Meeting was called to order by DG Rtn Parag Sheth from District 3060. Rtn Parag Sheth welcomed all the Rotarian Golfers present and explained the purpose of the meeting. He floated an idea of forming an association of Rotarian golfers from India and other nearing countries. The idea was very well welcomed by all and the discussion was done on the same. It was discussed at a length about the purpose and process of forming the association. The members present decided as follows:-

  • 1. Name of the Association will be South Asia Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians (SAFGR). To start with it will have its members who will be the Rotarian golfers from various rotary districts of India. This will be an Association of persons and bank account to be opened in the same name.
  • 2. India will be divided into 5 zones namely North, East, Central, West & South and each zone will have one leader who will be coordinating with the Rotarian golfers in their respective zones.
  • 3. Every year one tournament will be held at different places. District 3060 hosted the first on 5th December 2015 at Ahmedabad, next will be held on first weekend of December 2016 at Banglore which will be hosted by Dist (3190) and thereafter at Baroda.
  • 4. There will be one-time registration charges of Rs.5000/- which all the members will have to pay.
  • 5. A secretariat will be formed which will comprise of a Secretary & Joint Secretary to start with.
  • 6. The zone wise leaders decided was Central Zone Rtn Yogi Singh from Nagpur (Dist 3030), West Zone Rtn Kalpesh Shah from Baroda (Dist 3060) South Zone Rtn Vijay Kumar from Banglore (Dist 3180). To be decided for North and East.
  • 7. It was proposed that DG Rtn Parag Sheth should lead the Association for a year starting from 1st July 2016.
  • 8. The Association shall also conduct inter-district RFE’s Programme.
  • 9. A Google Group to be formed, WhatsApp group, Facebook page, and website also to be formed
  • 10. Only Rotarians can be members of this association.

Minutes of meeting on a telephonic conference call at 9:00 P.M dated 05/09/2017 of executive committee of SAFGR.

Names of members present on telephonic conference are listed below:

  • 1- Rtn Parag - Bharuch, Chairman
  • 2- Rtn Amarjit - New Delhi, Vice Chair
  • 3- Rtn Vijay - Banglore’, Vice Chair & South Zone Coordinator
  • 4- Rtn Kalpesh -Vadodara, Hon. Secretary
  • 5- Rtn Nishant - Vadodara, Hon. Treasurer
  • 6- Rtn Dr. Karan - Roorkee, Jt Hon. Secretary
  • 7- Rtn Madhukar - Ahmedabad, West Zone Coordinator
  • 8- Rtn Yogi Singh - Nagpur, Central Zone Coordinator
  • 9- Rtn Rajendra - Jamshedpur, East Zone Coordinator

Minutes of meeting points are as follows:

  • 1- Chairman Parag Sheth has briefed about the activity of SAFGR.
  • 2- As on today, we have total 31 members registered and having a bank balance of Rs. 1.54 Lacs in the account.
  • 3- Rtn Parag has suggested including past Rotarians as members, however after deliberate discussions, it was decided not to confirm the past Rotarians as a member now onwards.
  • 4- In very special case we may include as a member to either honorary member, past Rotarians or a Rotary supporter by taking opinion from all the Executive Members by circulating email in any special case.
  • 5- It was also resolved that SAFGR members after confirming membership will leave the Rotary, in that case, his membership will continue in SAFGR.
  • 6- Chairman Parag has insisted to increase the membership and all have unanimously accepted and agreed to support membership promotion. He also informed that more than 800 Rotarians are Golfers in South Asia and we have immense scope to increase the membership.
  • 7- Rtn Parag has informed all members of his visit to Chennai and Kodai Canal. SAFGR will support both tournaments by participation and donations. Madras Golf tournament is on 19th January 2018.
  • 8- Rotary Club Of Kodai Canal, RID 3000 is organized under the young leadership president Rohan, age of 26 and 7 handicappers. Chairman Parag has received a phone call from RID Bhaskar to support this tournament and make it an international event; all have unanimously decided to support the tournament.
  • 9- RTN Kalpesh Shah has requested to support their club Golf Tournament organized on 26th January 2018 at Vadodara.
  • 10- Rtn Madhukar has proposed to support the attempt to get into the Guinness Book of record by Chair Parag and Brijesh Patel. He have replaced Siddharth Naik who has sadly expired recently due to Cancer but has done been a pioneer to building the Golf fraternity in Ahmedabad. As you mentioned, this event was to be done in early 2018. This attempt is 50 Courses on 50 Courses in 30 days coined 50-50-30.
  • 11- Our 3rd SAFGR tournament will be hosted by RID 3011 under the leadership of Rtn Amarjeet. He has announced the date of 2nd February, 2018 at New Delhi, This will be two days event and fliers and brochure will be circulating within 15 days.

Honorary Secretary Kalpesh Shah has offered a vote of thanks to all the participants.